The Girl From America

By Ephantus Mwenda
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"...Michelle watched him approaching. Her tremendous figure sat well on her curvilinear waist. Her sparkling eyebrows blinked slightly as she gazed at him increasing his pace towards her. Her delicate ears matching a dainty rose listened at his footsteps. A saccharine heart shaped lips broke into a glorious smile revealing a shiny halo-white teeth. Her ebony-black hair flowed gently over her shoulders and she wholly reflected a winning-joyous personality. At last, Max stood before her."


Written in a simple, captivating and engaging style, the book follows the path of Max, an ex Military captain who became a captain of good deeds. Leaving a chequered life in the military where he had risen to the rank of a captain while still relatively young, Max becomes an inspiration to many and on top of it crosses the racial barrier to fall madly in love with Michelle Catalane, the girl from America he fell in love with at first sight while still in active duty.


Ephantus Mwenda is an author, financial consultant, film producer, director, screenplay writer and an actor. He is also a motivational speaker and has passion in leadership.
He published his first novel, Bits of My Life in 2011, and a children’s Kiswahili book titled Kisa cha Mzee Kofi in 2014. Ephantus has been a member of The Theatre Company of Kenya, Financial Consultant in an Insurance Company and is a leader and pioneer in a number of Groups and Organizations.

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