Assumption of Power

By Joseph Osida
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“Hold your tongue mom, you better go home and keep your husband warm if you have one!” Another officer said and his colleagues broke into a loud laughter.
“How dare you talk to my mother like that?” Sikot asked in rage.


The land of Kasilwal was no longer a peaceful place. It’s residents were truly suffering from poor governance, insecurity and starvation was the order of the day. Now, people needed a saviour, a person who could hear their cries and offer a solution.
They were tired of heavy taxation, murder and corrupt leadership. In the family of Midumbi, the brother of His Excellency Governor Ongolo, a son was born. Midumbi brought up his son Sikot, hoping that one day he would be the long awaited saviour.
However, he was to keep fighting because his brother Ongolo had become a man eater. Their land was on fire and assumption of power was necessary.



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